Microwave ovens: How to maximally utilize this versatile appliance?

When it comes to home appliances, a microwave oven is essential for every household. The modern countertop microwave, as we know it today, was first introduced in 1967 by Amana Corporation. However, the invention of this fantastic box of wonders is credited to the American Engineer named Percy Spencer, who used Radar technology following the world war II and named it the Radarange.

Microwave ovensMicrowave ovens use dielectric heating as it heats food by exposure to electromagnetic radiations resulting in the production of thermal energy. The common assumption is that uses of the best microwave oven are limited to reheating already prepared food. This, however, is a great misconception as a microwave can be used for many other purposes as well. A few of these are detailed here.

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Uses of Microwave Oven

The many uses of a microwave oven beyond reheating:

  • Disinfect and deodorize: One of the surprising ways a microwave oven can come handy is its use for disinfecting and deodorizing kitchen tools such as sponges or cutting boards. All you need is a bit of citrus and microwave for 10-20seconds.
  • De-crystallization of Honey: Are you someone who always keeps a honey jar handy? Isn’t it annoying to find your beautiful jar of goodness all crystallized? Forget about spending ages waiting for the water bath to de-crystallize honey. Just pop it in the microwave (in a microwave-friendly jar, of course) for around a minute and enjoy it.
  • Toasting nuts: Enhancing the flavor of nuts was never easier, thanks to the good old Microwave oven. Just toss the nuts of your choice, add a bit of seasoning if that’s what you like, and let the microwave do its magic.
  • Maximizing citrus juice: A microwave can be useful in making lemons way juicier and makes squeezing lemon juice a breeze.
  • Hot oil treatments for the hair and skin: Who doesn’t want luscious and shiny locks? Well, achieving these requires a lot of TLC, including hot oil massages. Similarly, deep tissue massages also are considered to be more effective when using hot oil. A microwave oven makes access to hot oils easy without any mess.
  • Cooking and steaming: The various uses of microwave oven include cooking items such as bacon, poached eggs, fish fillet, and even steamed vegetables. These can be done a lot faster than a conventional oven. Not only this, a microwave oven can roast a full garlic bulb in just under 8 minutes.
  • Mug cakes: If you have a sweet tooth but are too lazy to be an elaborate baker, then mug cakes prepared in microwaves are then perfect hack for you. These can be prepared in under two minutes and are heavenly when eaten alone as well as topped with whipped cream or a scoop of your favorite ice cream.

There are many more uses of a microwave oven if the only one has imagination enough. These days a lot of microwave ovens come with hybrid features allowing for convection as air-frying. This means scores of baking products can also be prepared in them. Not only that, the air-frying feature provides for a healthy alternative to deep-fried products while also appeasing the taste buds at the same time.

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