Which is the best fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers are motivational to people for getting more exercise and living a healthier lifestyle.

As technology continues to grow in popularity, more and more devices will continue to be released by a variety of manufactures. In contrast, many of the tracking devices offer the same basic features. However, some devices have unique functionality.

Fitness Tracker

Here, we go through some features that you may want to look out for when picking the best fitness tracker for you.

Heart rate monitor:

Monitoring your heart can help you get a better idea of how many calories you’re burning in a day, especially during a workout. It can show you when you’re in your target heart rate zone so you can maintain intensity.

Devices which offer this feature are:

  • Fitbit Charge HR
  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin Vivo smart.

Exercise recognition:

Some devices have activity sensors, which can detect whether you’re doing certain things such as running, cycling, and walking or doing aerobic exercise versus sport. It will automatically log your workout without you having to enter it within whatever app your device is using manually. Also, read latest buying guide on best fwatch for fitness tracking.

Devices which offer this feature are:

  • Fitbit Charge HR
  • Fitbit Surge.

Swimming support:

Many fitness trackers available aren’t waterproof, and you can’t wear them in the pool. With many devices, you can log your workout in the app after your swim, but there are a few waterproof devices out there to keep an eye on. These devices may be able to track the number of additional metrics, such as how many laps you complete, and how many lengths you do each lap, etc.

Devices which offer this feature:

  • Garmin Swim
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR.


However, devices that have GPS can map your routes and provide stats like your distance traveled and pace. Devices that have GPS features are great for runners and cyclists.

Devices which offer this feature are:

  • Fitbit Surge
  • Apple Watch
  • Garmin Vivoactive HR.

Smartphone integration:

There is a multitude of devices that offer some form of further functionality for your smartphone. Some provide notifications when your phone is getting a call or text, and others can display and respond to text messages or make calls. Many of these can also control your music.

Devices which offer this feature are:

  • Fitbit Blaze
  • Apple Watch.

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